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SAINTE-MAXIME, exceptionnal mansion with approx.105 hectares of land, sea and nature views

| Sainte-maxime

Price : 10 000 000 €
*Fees paid by the seller.

https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/16685307415b5b23c83853e3.67495386_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/10402980775b5b23c9309113.24742350_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/4828481655b5b23c9a6e621.54975012_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/16811527315b5b23cb516407.32640208_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/5333393925b5b23cbc8c087.14676756_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/3014616945b5b23cc4ba252.41073571_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/6681670265b5b23ccccd8f0.20893295_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/11885288355b5b23cd542802.46312653_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/13185123115b5b23ce82cc42.99770356_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/14855604935b5b23cf3d9248.01754939_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/1127517725b5b23d0dac149.02100993_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/7546267935b5b23d18aca02.53041637_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/12859122545b5b23d228a3a4.02843579_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/8755048305b5b23d42f30b7.82728721_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/7018286285b5b23d5164716.48954106_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/18911921305b5b23d5ebc713.75157972_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/1356280115b5b23d6ce2b48.65937730_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/10017146485b5b23d7e737f1.82019886_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/16685528905b5b23d86b0c32.49176024_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/435603315b5b23d93ca732.73632029_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/4330852925b5b23db0a1095.96828832_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/9227318815b5b23dc5bb214.06506276_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/2279518625b5b23dcd1d602.63118821_799.jpg https://d1qfj231ug7wdu.cloudfront.net/pictures/estate/2271/2270379/8763199565b5b23c79652a7.80682906_799.jpg


This exceptional property is situated in the heart of the gorgeous, wild and dramatic landscapes which dominates the sea and the all hillside area from SAINT-RAPHAEL to SAINTE-MAXIME.
This place is unique, out of time and effects of the society, a heaven of peace and serenity, a very strong place, only 20 minuts from the gulf of Sainte-Maxime/ Saint-Tropez.
The A8 highway exit is about 15/20 minuts from the property and NICE international airport about 1 hour.
Panoramic view on the sea and the nature around.
Approx.105 hectares of forested and agricultural land.
The property offers about 960 sqm of building with the mansion, a separated apartment in an annex , a small annex house, the keepers house and a guests house to be arranged.

Built in 1887, it offers a superficy of 580 sqm on three levels with more than 4 meters high ceilings. The house is organized around a majestuous wooden stairway and offers 15 large rooms with 9 very spacious bedrooms and their bathrooms and shower rooms.
It is south-east/south/ southwest oriented and dominates proudly the valley and the forested hillsides which waves down to the sea side.
It comprises:

-Huge entrance hall with vestibule and remarkable ceramic stove.
-One salon with big fireplace , west/southwestern side .
-Another salon with big fireplace, south/southeast side.
-Dining-room with big fireplace.
-Big kitchen with back kitchen room. Door to the garden.
-Linen room
-Guests toilets.
All over superb ancient tiled floors, beautiful doors and woodworks.

-Large landing.
West/ South-west wing:
-1 very large masters bedroom with fireplace, terrace to the southwest ; bathroom.
-1 very large bedroom with fireplace, bathroom.
Superb massive wooden floors.
South/south-east wing:
-2 large bedrooms with bathroom and dressing.
-1 bedroom with bathroom and dressing.

West/south west wing:
-2 big bedrooms with 1 bathroom.
South/south east wing:
-1 bedroom with fireplace.
-1 bedroom, 1 bathroom.


TERRACE on the roof.

ANNEX HOUSE ( about 50 sqm) aranged as a playroom. terrace with pergola.

ANNEX HOUSE with a separate apartment of 78 sqm at first floor with living, bedroom/bathroom/kitchen.
At groundfloor:Garage, workshop, technical rooms.

KEEPERS HOUSE: about 160 sqm.

GUESTS HOUSE With Pigeons house( about 100 sqm) to be arranged.
About 105 hectares forested and agricultural land.
3 Basins collecting about 1000 cubic meters of natural waters.
Sophisticated system of alarm and protection against natural risks (fire etc...) all around the property.

Beautiful swimming pool area with large sea view.

Heliport area.

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Détails du bien

Type de bien : House
Parking/Garage N.C.
Réf : 2412
Etage N.C.
Surface : 960m²
Salle(s) de bain : N.C.
Chambre(s) : N.C.
Terrasse N.C.
Condominium : No

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